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Third Culture Joy was a party series, sponsored by the iconic Spam Brand and rapidly-growing pantry brand Omsom. The immersive events occurred in New York and Los Angeles in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2022.

The event was a celebration of the Third Culture that Omsom encapsulates – they feel they are not fully Asian and not fully American, but a beautiful mix of both. We created spaces that felt uniquely Third Culture with the help of ALL Asian partners, including founders, DJs, video artists, beverage producers, graphic designers, set designers, tooth gem artists, tattoo artists and more. The experience was a smashing hit among invited guests.

omsom Logo
omsom Logo


Food @woldykusina @sanditasworld
Video Art @kim_ytho
Scenic @tight.quarters
Printing @decoupage.assemblage
Sound @alexanderspit @noodz
            @zeemuffin @alfred.ini