Chanel No. 5 x Es Devlin Five Echoes

event capture, video production

Over the course of multiple trips to Miami, Eventure captured the build and reveal of Es Devlin’s commissioned work, Five Echoes, which was meant to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of Chanel no 5. Es Devlin, an artist and stage designer, has long been on our radar so it was exciting to meet her and learn her process face to face.

Five Echoes, placed in the Design District, was a labrinth surrounded by a forest of trees native to Miami.  After the event, the trees were placed in parts of the city experiencing green space scarcity.  During the event, which took place during Art Basel, the labrinth’s central platform served as a performance space for Rosalia who had also recently commissioned Devlin to design her stage for her world tour.  Rosalia surprised guests, who were all decked out in Chanel.

Eventure captured interviews, celebrity arrivals, music rehearsals, and finally, the event and performance.